Folha Guide - Books, Recordings, Films

Guia Folha

The Guia Folha - Livros, Discos, Filmes (Folha Guide - Books, Recordings, Films) has monthly reviews of the major releases in the publishing market, from the recording companies and distributors. It points out trends and the best in cultural production of books, recordings and films. The releases are analyzed according to their quality, diversity and relevance.

Tens of books are reviewed by critics and writers in subjects like Brazilian and foreign fiction, poetry, essays, critiques, biography, memoirs, history, sociology, photography, art and literature for children, youth and teenagers.

The most recent albums are evaluated by specialists in different categories, including classical, instrumental, jazz, Brazilian popular music, rock and pop.

Releases on DVD and Blu-ray are evaluated by a team of critics, choosing a selection of full length films from different genres: domestic and foreign cinema, classics, documentaries, experimental, art, etc.

Guia Folha

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