Folha de São Paulo

The Folha Group is one of the country's main media conglomerates. It controls the newspaper with the largest circulation and influence (Folha de S.Paulo), the largest Brazilian internet content and service company (UOL), the newspaper news site with the most viewers ( and the largest printing business in Brazil (Plural), along with other businesses.

The story of the Folha Group began in 1921, when "Folha da Noite" (Night Folha) was founded in São Paulo as a newspaper aimed at the urban middle class that emerged from a society still based on the coffee monoculture.

Then came the newspapers "Folha da Manhã" (1925) and "Folha da Tarde" (1949). The three newspapers were merged in 1960, giving rise to Folha de S.Paulo. The group also publishes the newspaper "Agora", the leading popular tabloid in the state of São Paulo.

The group - which employs nine thousand people and generates about seven thousand more jobs indirectly - also has Datafolha, one of the most respected research institutes in the country, a book publisher (Publifolha), a news agency (Folhapress), one of the largest and most modern graphics facilities in Latin America (CTG-F), Transfolha, dedicated to the distribution of the Folha Group's products, a printer dedicated to newsletters and brochures for companies, publishers and publicity agencies (FolhaGráfica) and the SPDL, the distribution and logistics company established in association with the newspaper "O Estado de S. Paulo".