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"Vogue Kids" Magazine Accused of Publishing Sexualized Images of Children

09/12/2014 - 08h52



"Vogue Kids" magazine, distributed this month with "Vogue", was criticized on social networks and accused by an institute for publishing photos of underage girls in sexy poses, dressed in a bikini. In some images, they are lying down with their legs open.

Complaints about the "Shade and Fresh Water" photo shoot spread in social networks sites and found their way, on Thursday (11), to state and federal prosecutors as well as the Federal Police. The agencies will evaluate the case.

After contacting the magazine, they said they were not notified and have nothing to say about the matter.

Alana's Institute, an organization that defends children's rights is responsible for making one of the accusations.

"These are girls in sexy poses and [there is] a clear premature sexualization of these children," says psychologist Lais Fontenelle, which is part of the entity.

To the psychologist, the girls are doing clothing ads, which is vetoed by Conanda (National Council for the Rights of Children and Adolescents), linked to the Secretariat of Human Rights of the Presidency.

This year's agency resolution prohibits advertisement targeted to children.

Mother of a 2 years old girl, screenwriter Renata Correa, 31, was outraged at the publication and posted the photos on social networks.

She deleted them soon after justifying her action by saying children had already been exposed too much, but her outburst,generated more than 1,000 shares in a few hours. A Facebook page called Integral Pedriatics had over 4,000 shares with the images.

"Often when we think of pedophilia, we imagine a guy hiding behing the computer. But we do not speak of a pedophile culture in which children's image is exploited in a sexualized way", says Renata.

Attorney Ana Lucia Keunecke, from Artemis (entity that defends woman's rights), says the photos violate articles of the Child and Adolescent Statute.

"These girls are clearly placed in a vulnerable situation. It hurts the character of these children even if the test photo shoot had their parental permission," he explains.

The family lawyer Danilo Montemurro says that prosecutors could go to court with a civil action to determine collecting the magazines and imposing a fine.

Also according to him, the parents may become defendants for having authorized the photos. "Besides the sexualized exposure, these children were exposed as adults. This violates Article 17 of the ECA, which preserves the right of a minor's identity," he says.

Translated by SIMONE PALMA

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"Vogue Kids" magazine was criticized and accused by an institute for publishing photos of underage girls in sexy poses
"Vogue Kids" magazine was criticized and accused by an institute for publishing photos of underage girls in sexy poses

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