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Rousseff Made a "Pact with the Devil" to Save Her Government, Says Ex-President Cardoso

09/25/2015 - 09h50



Former President Fernando Henrique Cardoso (PSDB) thinks that President Dilma Rousseff made a "pact with the devil" to try to save her administration by offering ministries to the Brazilian Democratic Movement Party (PMDB), her greatest ally.

"How will she govern how? She won't. She will be governed," says the leader of the Brazilian Social Democracy Party (PSDB).

In his opinion, the crisis can only be overcome if the political forces find ways to contain the expansion of public spending and reform the political system.


Folha - The heads of the PMDB distance themselves from the President and members of Congress negotiate positions in ministries. What does it mean?
Fernando Henrique Cardoso- In times of uncertainty, it is natural that the parties keep oscillating. The PMDB shows two directions. Some think it is worth keeping this administration and there are those who suspect that. This will continue for a long time, until you feel that there is more clarity on the next step, either from the government or from the ones who want to change it.
The opposition has the necessary votes to open impeachment proceedings today?
The impeachment depends on you having a convincing argument, not only for Congress, but for the people. Those who wish to impeach haven't built a compelling narrative so far. Take the fiscal "pedaling". You can argue, as jurists have done, that there's no way to characterize a crime.
Even with such low popularity?
What is the resentment that people have for the President? She said one thing [the campaign] and did another [her administration]. For some, what saves her - the economic adjustment - is what makes others condemn her.
The problem is the anguish of time. There are so many mistakes that great concern arose. If it was for one year, there would be the expectation of a change within reach. As you don't have that expectation, our concern generates these ideas to find a way to get rid of the President.
The other day you defended the creation of a new "Power Block" as a solution to the political crisis. What's missing?
She would have a historical way out. Showing herself as coordinator of a real deal. Not thinking about advantages for her political group, but only on the future of the country, and proposing that all the political forces joined to do some things. Modify the electoral system. Contain the expansion of public spending. Reform social security. And she could offer the following: if this deal is approved, she would resign in a year. This is utopian, I know.
A negotiated resignation?
Negotiated on behalf of political goals which are not in the interest of my party, of no party's. Then you hold the urge [from others] to make their way to the government.
Her time is running out. She has to look at history. You don't want to be labelled as the president who couldn't govern. Or who sold her soul to the devil to govern. Now, she offered five ministries to the PMDB. Will she govern how? She won't. She will be governed.
In the case of resignation, vice president Michel Temer takes over the government.
It would not solve it. There actually needs to have a new configuration, but there's no point in a new configuration with old rules.
Rousseff can keep governing. She will make a pact with the devil all the time. She will have to cede more and more. And her administration will be more contradictory.
How the talks between the PSDB and Michel Temer have been going?
The PMDB is the one who can give the cards in today's game. Rousseff can choose to commonplace or make a gesture of greatness. Chances are that she will continue to commonplace. The PMDB can build a constitutional way out.
The PSDB will face another issue. Will the party help or not? If there is a real reason, a compelling narrative, will vote for impeachment. But then what? The problems aren't going to change because the president changed. There needs to have a sense, a direction. Then the PSDB will have to demand for this direction.


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Ernesto Rodrigues/Folhapress
Cardoso thinks that Rousseff made a "pact with the devil" to try to save her administration by offering ministries to the PMDB
Cardoso thinks that Rousseff made a "pact with the devil" to try to save her administration by offering ministries to the PMDB

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