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Nineteen Brazilian Capitals Stage Protests against President Temer's Reforms

03/16/2017 - 13h07



On Wednesday, March 15, protests against the labor and social security reforms proposed by the Temer (Brazilian Democratic Movement Party) administration occurred in at least 19 Brazilians capitals and the country's Federal District.

The protests were called by organizations and labor unions of several segments.

On the same day, public transportation employees decided to stop working. In São Paulo, which had metro and bus strikes, a total of 201 kilometers of traffic jams was registered at 9:30 a.m., a record this year.

In the afternoon, groups protested on Paulista Avenue. Former president Lula participated in an event and spoke against what he called the end of the workers' victories. In Rio de Janeiro, protesters set fire to trash cans and broke the windows of bank agencies. They clashed with the police, who used tear gas bombs against the protestors.

As a response to the protests, President Michel Temer will try to use publicity on TV and social networks to neutralize the movement against his social security reform. The document containing the labor reform could be approved without being voted in the House of Representatives in accordance with the decision of the current Lower House's presidency in force.

Alice Vergueiro/Folhapress
In the afternoon, groups protested on Paulista Avenue
In the afternoon, groups protested on Paulista Avenue

Translated by THOMAS MUELLO

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