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After Former President Speaks About Early Elections, Fernando Henrique Cardoso's Webpage Seeks His Return

06/16/2017 - 14h07



One day after former President Fernando Henrique Cardoso (PSDB Party) suggested that a magnanimous gesture by Michel Temer would be the calling of early elections, the official webpage of the PSDB leader published a piece by Folha columnist Bernardo Mello Franco about a request for a new round of elections and added the #voltafhc hashtag.

Sought out by Folha to comment on this publication, Xico Graziano, who is responsible for FHC's social network presence, removed the post and said that it was a mistake that had been made by his team.

On Thursday (the 15th), the former president wrote a piece in which he argued that "either there is a gesture of magnanimity on the part of those who legally hold power, seeking to hold early general elections, or that power is eroded is such a way that the streets will seek a rupture of the rule in force and demand such early elections".

FHC went as far as to say that Temer lacks legitimacy for governing, that the country is living in a kind of "anomie", and that the PSDB's continued participation in the government is conditional upon overcoming the political crisis.

"If everything continues the way it is, with the continuing deconstruction of [Temer's] authority, even worse if there is an attempt to impede investigations underway, I don't see how the PSDB can continue in the government", wrote the PSDB leader.

Translated by LLOYD HARDER

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Suamy Beydoun/Agif/Folhapress
Former president Fernando Henrique Cardoso
Former president Fernando Henrique Cardoso

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