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Globo TV Channel Dismisses William Waack after Racism Accusation

11/09/2017 - 11h40



The anchor of "Jornal da Globo" news program, William Waack, 65, was dismissed after he was accused of racism. In a video disclosed on the Internet, an annoyed Waack says that the noise made by a car honking its horn is "a black person's attitude."

"Globo is strongly against racism in all its forms and manifestations. No circumstance may be considered mitigating," Globo wrote in an official statement.

Waack appears in a video before an interview with Sotero, the director of Brazil Institute, from the Wilson Center, in a studio in front of the White House in Washington D.C.

"Why are you honking, you piece of shit? I am not even going to say anything because I know who it is." Soon after that, Waack looks at Sotero and says in a low voice: "He is black. That is a black person's attitude."

After Waack's comment, Sotero smiles embarrassedly.

Marlene Bergamo/Folhapress
The anchor of "Jornal da Globo" news program, William Waack
The anchor of "Jornal da Globo" news program, William Waack

Waack apologized "sincerely to all of those who felt offended" for saying that the noise of a car honking is a "black person's attitude." However, in Globo's statement, "Waack says he does not remember what he said as the audio is not clear."

There is no information on who disclosed the images of the recording made during the U.S. presidential run in 2016.

Translated by THOMAS MUELLO

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