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Rio de Janeiro Tops List of States That Implemented Public Security Budget Cuts

03/05/2018 - 09h48



Eleven states reduced their public security budgets between 2015 and 2017. At the top of the list, in absolute terms, is Rio de Janeiro, where the surge in violence has led the federal government to intervene in the state's security operations.

During the three years in question, Rio de Janeiro cut security spending by R$ 888 million (US$ 273 million ) - the figure has been adjusted in accordance with inflation - which represents a 9% decrease.

According to specialists, the most troubling figure concerns cuts in the information and intelligence sector.

The amount was already low in 2015: less than R$ 24,000 (US$ 7400). But last year it plummeted to R$ 2,470 (US$ 760). The amount doesn't even cover the discounted rate offered to the government for two pistols.

Specialists had already been anticipating cuts in security spending due to the fact that the economy had been in recession over the past few years.

However, when taking the national average into consideration, state spending on security increased by slightly more than 1% during the three-year period.

Other states that were just as seriously harmed by the recession went in the opposite direction of Rio de Janeiro.

Rio Grande do Sul, for example, which is facing a severe budget deficit, decided to invest an extra R$ 420 million (US$ 130 million) in crime prevention.

When asked by Folha about the spending cuts, the Rio government declined to comment.


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Danilo Verpa/Folhapress
Members of the armed forces patrol the Vila Alianca slum during an operation against crime in Rio de Janeiro
Members of the armed forces patrol the Vila Alianca slum during an operation against crime in Rio de Janeiro

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