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Brazil's Attorney General to Investigate Judge Who Ordered Lula's Release

07/12/2018 - 12h04



The Attorney General of Brazil, Raquel Dodge, asked the country's Supreme Court to begin an investigation into the acts of Federal Judge Rogério Favreto, of the Regional Federal Court of the 4th Region (TRF-4).

During his shift at the court last Sunday, July 8, Judge Favreto ordered former president Lula to be released from jail.

Dodge suspects Judge Favreto committed a crime of official misconduct which could lead to a sentence of between three months and one year in prison. Dodge believes Favreto acted "to satisfy a personal interest or feeling."

Brazil's Attorney General, Raquel Dodge
Brazil's Attorney General, Raquel Dodge

Judge Favreto's decision was canceled by the president of the TRF-4, Thompson Flores.

"[Favreto] gave legal appearance to his authority and to the content of his decision, making it seem like it nullified Federal Judge Moro's decision and not that of the TRF-4. He reiterated it and addressed the police authority setting a deadline for his decision to be carried out – even demanding it in person over the phone," Dodge added.

Dodge cited in the request that Favreto worked in connection with the Executive branch during PT administrations, as he was a member of the party from 1991 to 2010, before he was appointed to be a federal judge.

The Attorney General believes that the justification that Lula is a pre-candidate in this year's presidential election and is being intentionally kept away from electoral activities - used as grounds by Favreto to release Lula - is not a new fact. The judge was on duty that day and accepted the habeas corpus request with this argument filed by PT congressmen.

Dodge also defended the actions taken by Judge Sergio Moro and the rapporteur of Lula's case in the TRF-4, João Pedro Gebran Neto, highlighting they were necessary.

The Attorney General also acted against Favreto in the National Council of Justice, where the latter might face charges of administrative proceedings. By Brazilian Law, the maximum penalty for judges is compulsory retirement (they can keep receiving their salaries).

The TRF-4 press office said that Judge Favreto has not commented on the subject and did not know about the request made by the Attorney General's Office.

On Wednesday, July 11, the president of the Superior Court of Justice, Laurita Vaz, denied 143 habeas corpus requests in favor of Lula.

Translated by THOMAS MUELLO

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