'This Newspaper Is Done', Says Bolsonaro About Folha During TV Broadcast

President-elect gives different versions about the cases of phantom cabinet aide and WhatsApp scandal, both revealed by Folha

São Paulo and Brasília

Jair Bolsonaro again attacked Folha de S.Paulo on Monday (29th), during an interview at Jornal Nacional, one of the highest-rated TV newscasts in Brazilian television. When asked to comment about essential stories revealed about this newspaper, the president-elect said: "On its own, that newspaper is over."

Bolsonaro's remarks were a reply to a question made by William Bonner, Jornal Nacional's anchor.

Bonner asked: "You always claim to be an advocate for the free press, but in a given moment during the campaign, you said you wished a certain newspaper ceased to exist. As president, will you continue to defend the freedom of the press?"

Walderice da Conceição's açaí shop in Mambucaba, Rio de Janeiro, where Jair Bolsonaro keeps a summerhouse - Folhapress

"I am completely favorable to the freedom of the press," Bolsonaro replied, "but we have the question of the government official advertising, which is another matter," he added.

Bolsonaro followed up mentioning Walderice dos Santos da Conceição, formerly listed as his aide in the House of Representatives in Brasília, but who was known to sell açaí and work for Bolsonaro in his summerhouse in Angra dos Reis (RJ).

"I'll seize this opportunity to do some justice. There is a lady called Walderice, a black woman who owned an açaí shop. Folha de S. Paulo unfairly called her a phantom aide'. She was on vacation. Such actions, from a press that commits injustices and doesn't go back on them, I can't consider that a good press outlet."

Bolsonaro continued: "I don't want Folha to end. But, as far as I am concerned, a press outlet that behaves in this way won't have any money from the government," he said, referring to the federal advertisement budget, which makes the Brazilian government one of the biggest advertisers in the country. After, the president-elect concluded: "On its own, this newspaper is over."

Translated by NATASHA MADOV

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