"All I Know Is How To Play The Berimbau," Says Bolsonaro's Nomination For Cultural Affairs

Despite his lack of knowledge, Osmar Terra said it's necessary to audit results from the law that offers tax incentives for cultural initiatives


Moments after being announced as the new Minister of Citizenship, a new government department that will merge the current ministries of Social Development, Sports and Culture, Osmar Terra (MDB) told Folha he knew nothing about the two latter fields. "All I know is how to play berimbau," he said, laughing.

Terra, the current Minister of Social Development in the Temer administration, denied any influence from his political party MDB in his nomination. He said his name came from minor caucuses like the Social Welfare and Charity Hospitals.

Appointed Brazilian Minister of Citizenship Osmar Terra - AFP

Despite his acknowledged lack of knowledge about his new posting, he defended that the Rouanet Law should be audited. Rouanet is a law that offers tax exemption to companies that sponsor cultural initiatives and audiovisual works. 

"Look, I don't know any," he replied to Folha's question about which would be the main issues in the fields of sports and culture.

When the reporter followed up asking what his experience in sports or culture was, he said that it was only playing the berimbau.

"Culture is a whole world, right? And a problematic one."

Regarding the Rouanet Law, Terra said that an audit could show if there were any embezzlement or political use by the left. The law has been one of the primary targets of the Bolsonaro campaign. "We will need to do this audit, but I have no opinion on the matter," he said.

Also according to Terra, Bolsonaro asked him only to continue his projects in the Social Development. There were no specific requests regarding sports or culture from the president-elect. "I'll write a proposal for both and give it to him," he said.

Translated by NATASHA MADOV
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