Norway Should Learn With Brazil How To Save The Environment, Says Bolsonaro's Chief Of Staff

The Norwegian government is the most significant international donor for initiatives that fight the Brazilian Amazon deforestation

Talita Fernandes Fabiano Maisonnave
Brasília and Curitiba

Onyx Lorenzoni, future Chief of Staff of the Bolsonaro administration, said on Monday (12th) that Norway could stand to learn a thing or two about how to preserve the environment with Brazil.

"Brazil has preserved a territory the size of Europe. All the European Union, with our forest, five times the size of Norway. The Norwegians could learn with us, and not us with them," Lorenzoni said, after criticizing Norway and being confronted by a reporter with the fact that the Scandinavian country helps Brazil preserve the environment.

An aerial view of cleared land in Novo Progresso, Pará - REUTERS

"Oh yeah, the Brazilian law is worthless. What we did is worthless, what matters is what Norway does. How much of their forests have they preserved? Here's a question worth asking," he continued, showing anger.

Norway is the primary international donor for Brazil's efforts against deforestation in the Amazon. With an initial contribution of US$ 1.1 billion from the Norwegian government, the Amazon Fund (Fundo Amazônia) reached US$ 1.2 billion, with further donations from Petrobras and the German government.

The deposits increase as deforestations rates fall. If they rise, the money flow goes down.

Lorenzoni, who is coordinating Bolsonaro's transition team, also raised his tone when journalists followed up with more questions regarding the environment.

He said that the future administration is very concerned with the resources given to national and international nonprofits.

Translated by NATASHA MADOV

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