Datafolha Poll: President Temer Ends His Term With Declining Disapproval Rates

Percentage of respondents who consider the Temer administration bad or terrible went down to 62% after reaching a record high of 82% in June

São Paulo
President Michel Temer - Folhapress

Michel Temer, the most unpopular Brazilian president since the end of the military dictatorship, will end his term with his disapproval rates declining, according to a new Datafolha survey. His administration was considered bad or terrible by 62% of respondents, average to 29% and good or excellent for only 7%.
Although the numbers are by no means positive, they show improvement. In June, right after the truckers' strike, 82% of Brazilians described his administration as bad or terrible, Temer's highest disapproval rate ever recorded by Datafolha.

The following polls, however, showed a downward trend in the president's rejection rate. In August, it fell to 73%, reaching 62% in December, the lowest since April 2017. The last six months also showed an increase in the percentages of people considering the Temer administration as average (14%, 21%, and 29%) and as good and excellent (3%, 4%, and 7%).

The poll's sample consisted of 2,077 people in 130 cities, interviewed on December 18th and 19th. The margin of error is two percentage points up or down.

Since 1989, considering the final days of a president's term, only two others had disapproval rates higher than Temer's, both of them impeached: Fernando Collor (68%) and Dilma Rousseff (63%P), whom Temer succeeded.

Translated by NATASHA MADOV

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