John of God Denies Sexual Abuse And Says He Is Available For Questioning

According to his attorney, he was outraged by the allegations of sexual assault

Natália Cancian

João de Deus (John of God)'s attorney Alberto Toron told Folha on Monday (10th) that the psychic was "outraged" by the reports of sexual abuse and he is available to the authorities to answer any questions.

"He's The One Who Should Feel Ashamed, Not Me"

Toron says that João de Deus denies and "repeals" the accusations. The attorney criticized the victims' anonymity. Most of the accusers say they prefer to keep their identity secret for fear of retaliation.

"See, some accusers, and it's important to stress that, didn't show their faces or recorded their voices. So you see no face and no voice. And some things happened over ten years ago. Others allegations are four years old. It's impossible to check if he knew the person and if he had a session with her," said Toron.

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When questioned about the victims that went entirely on record, like the Dutch choreographer Zahira Lieneke Mous, and the São Paulo businesswoman Aline Saleh, the attorney also challenged their accounts.

"He can't speak English. Even his Portuguese... If you know him or had the chance to talk to him, you would know that even his Portuguese is also very limited," he said.

Translated by NATASHA MADOV

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