Police Considering Indicting John Of God's Wife As Accomplice

Psychic's defense team denies all abuse allegations, and Ana Keyla Teixeira says accusations are slanderous


The wife of psychic João Teixeira Faria, known as João de Deus (John of God), Ana Keyla Teixeira (40) can be indicted as an accomplice in the crimes of illegal gun ownership and money laundering, according to the police.

Lead investigator Paula Meotti confirmed it on Wednesday (26th) after hearing Ana Keyla's deposition in Goiânia. John of God's attorney denies all crimes and his wife says all accusations are slander.

Later, during his deposition, the psychic denied any recollection of the women accusation him of molestation. He also rejected any crimes during his spiritual treatments at his center in the small town of Abadiânia, 56 miles away from Goiânia.

Ana Keyla Teixeira, John of God's wife, might be indicted as an accomplice in the crimes of illegal gun ownership and money laundering - Folhapress

Meotti says Ana Keyla is a person of interest in the John of God case. "We are still considering if she will be a key witness or an accomplice, because she would, in theory, know all about the history of sexual abuse," the police officer said.

"We searched the couple's bedroom and private quarters," she said, in connection to the US$ 410,000 (R$ 1.6 million), six guns and gemstones that the police found in some of John of God's properties.

The psychic is in custody in a Goiânia jail since December 16th, after turning himself in.

Translated by NATASHA MADOV

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