Brazilian Government Social Media Posts Content Pro-Bolsonaro

Official profiles showed the president's support and messages praising the new administration, that later were deleted; practice is forbidden by law

Maeli Prado

Official government accounts in social networks like Instagram, Facebook and Youtube, have been posting content favorable to president Jair Bolsonaro and messages defending positions similar to the ones he espoused during his campaign.

The Brazilian Constitution states in article 37 that publicity for any government agencies or programs should be educational, informative or provide guidance, with no names, symbols or images that will signify personal promotion of government officers.

In a series of posts in two official Instagram accounts, Bolsonaro's communication team interviewed and published photos of supporters during the president's inauguration on Jan. 1st. Many of them were wearing t-shirts with Bolsonaro's name and likeness.

A Brazilian government official Instagram account posts photo with caption promoting the president's inauguration, which goes against the Brazilian Constitution - Screen caption/ Instagram

The social media profiles also use the same tone from Bolsonaro's campaign in captions and when replying to followers' comments. "Even children came to the inauguration," said the caption of an Instagram photo showing a child wearing a Brazilian national soccer team jersey. "That's how begins the love for our country and the conscience that we all should work for a better country," the caption continued.

On Tuesday (8th), the president's communication team deleted some posts after Folha requested comment on the matter.

According to the department, the content was posted by mistake.  "It was a technical error that's been already corrected," a spokesperson said.

Translated by NATASHA MADOV

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