Rio's State Attorney Office Opens Inquiry About Police Operation That Killed 13 People

Operation happened at the communities of Prazeres and Fallet Fogueteiro on Friday

Rio de Janeiro

The Rio de Janeiro State Attorney Office will hear the testimonies of the commanders for three different battalions, that were responsible for an operation in downtown favelas that left 13 dead last Friday (8th).

The prosecutors have been collecting information, data, and images that will help them investigate what happened. Rio's military police released their account, saying that the suspects received law enforcement with bullets. But witnesses say that the police officers kept shooting after the suspects surrendered. There are no police officers among the injured or dead. 

A police forensic expert checks a cloth on a blood-stained floor at a house where police officers confronted suspects during an operation against drug gangs in Rio de Janeiro - REUTERS

Witnesses say that the suspects fled to a house, where they were killed. There are photos of a wall studded with bullet holes and blood stains on the floor. Even after the images became public, the police continued to say that the bodies were found along streets and alleys in the favela. 

When asked to comment, the military police said that a full investigation could elucidate what happened, but the police corps strive to avoid loss of life as much as possible.

Translated by NATASHA MADOV

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