Bolsonaro Tweets Explicit Video To Criticize Brazilian Carnaval

President was lambasted on social media for posting pornographic content on social media

São Paulo

President Jair Bolsonaro almost stopped the last day of Carnaval on its tracks by posting in his official Twitter account an explicit video showing a man dancing on top of a taxi stop and inserting a finger in his anus; right after that, he lets another man urinate on him. 

Bolsonaro tweeted that he was "not comfortable with showing the scene," arguing that he needs to "expose the truth to the people could be aware and decide on what is a priority. This is what Brazil's street Carnaval has become. Please comment and draw your own conclusions." 

Twitter users, pro and against Bolsonaro alike, criticized the tweet. In the following hour, the president either posted or retweeted less controversial tweets. The next day, however, he asked on Twitter what "golden shower" meant, since many users were replying to him using the term, that refers to sexual practices involving urine.


Two hours later, the video received a graphic content advisory, which makes the user confirm if he or she wants to see it.

The Brazilian Constitution says that lack of decorum or decency can be considered an impeachable offense.

Translated by NATASHA MADOV

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