Lava Jato Attorney Gave A Paid Speech at Company Connected to Lava Jato

Prosecutor said that he was unaware of connection when he accepted the invitation


Deltan Dallagnol, Lava Jato's task force coordinator in Paraná, received R$ 33,000 (US$ 8,800) to lecture in 2018 at Neoway, a technology company cited in the Lava Jato corruption case.

He also approached Neoway's corporate counsel for its task force to use its products, according to messages obtained from The Intercept website and analyzed in conjunction with Folha.

Deltan Dallagnol, Lava Jato Attorney - Gustavo Flauzino/Divulgação

Four months after the talk, in a chat, Deltan told colleagues that he had discovered the mention of the company by a whistleblower. "That's a cucumber to me. It's a loophole that can be used to attack me (and LJ)."

The prosecutor told Folha that he couldn't possibly know the content of all 1000 Lava Jato cases. "If I had known [of the citation in the denunciation], I would not have given [the lecture], and knowing this, I separated myself from the matter."

He did not do this formally until 2019 when he informed the court of suspicion to participate in Neoway cases. Deltan said he had already declined invitations because of an alleged conflict of interest.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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