15 People Killed in Five Days of Rio de Janeiro Police Operations

Rio governor Witzel lamented deaths

Júlia Barbon Marcela Lemos
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Dyogo, Gabriel, Henrico and now Margareth. Rio de Janeiro recently reported the death of another young woman that happened during a police operation - the 15th person killed in this situation since Friday (9).

Margareth Teixeira, 17, was headed to church with her one-year-old son on her lap when both were hit. The shooting occurred during a military police operation in the Forty-Eight slum in Bangu, in western Rio de Janeiro, to "curb armed clashes between rival groups," the police said.

Margareth Teixeira, 17 - Reprodução

The student is at least the fourth young person killed during the intervention. She joins Dyogo Costa, 16, Gabriel Pereira Alves, 18, and Henrico de Menezes Júnior, 20, who were killed in Rio de Janeiro communities in the last five days.

In the action that culminated in the teenager's death, two other men died. 

Margareth was shot ten times and arrived dead at the same hospital, according to the Municipal Health Department. The baby was grazed on the left foot and head and underwent surgery. He is stable and hospitalized, accompanied by his paternal grandmother.

With the deaths of the last 24 hours, at least 15 have been killed during police actions in the state since Friday, counting the four teenagers. The stories of young Gabriel, Dyogo, and Henrico had already caused commotion and protests in different communities in recent days.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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