Prisoner who Tried to Escaped Dressed as A Woman Found Dead in Cell

It was the end of a life marked by infractions with the police

Rio de Janeiro

Clauvino da Silva, 42, was found dead in his prison cell on Tuesday morning (6) hanging from a sheet. On Saturday (3), Clauvino tried to escape from the Gericino Complex in Rio, using a latex mask, wig, and clothes of his daughter. It didn't work: correctional officers detained him and transferred him from Bangu 3 to Bangu 1.

It was the end of a life marked by infractions with the police. Clauvino's criminal record is more than ten pages. He was sentenced to over 70 years in prison for crimes such as drug trafficking, murder, and qualified theft.

TOPSHOT - Handout picture released by Rio de Janeiro's State Secretariat of Prison Administration (SEAP) showing Brazilian inmate Clauvino da Silva wearing a wig and a mask after been captured while trying to escape the Gericino prison complex, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on August 03, 2019. - A drug dealer attempted to escape a Rio de Janeiro prison disguised as his daughter with a wig and a mask, authorities informed. (Photo by HO / SEAP / AFP) - AFP

On one occasion, in 2001, he broke into the home of a caretaker and her family in Angra dos Reis, and with the help of a cohort stole valuables. The prosecution pointed out that the criminals imposed "huge terror" on the victims.

According to them, Clauvino and his partner said that they would rape the wife and the five-year-old daughter, who was sleeping. Clauvino put the gun to the child's head and struck the caretaker. The invasion lasted about five hours.

In Bangu 3, Clauvino was in gallery B7, intended for the leaders of the CV (Red Command), where he circulated freely. Already in Bangu 1, there are only individual cells, from which the prisoners leave only for sunbathing. The transfer was a way of punishing him for trying to escape.

Clauvino had already escaped from prison in February 2013, when a group of about 30 inmates managed to escape through the sewer. He has been in jail since 2001.

He was found a month later and arrested after an attempted invasion of the Fortaleza hill in Angra. He and three others, all involved in drug trafficking, robberies, and homicides, were detained with 237 g of marijuana and 453 g of cocaine.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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