Public Prosecutor's Office Requests The Federal Police to Protect Threatened Indians in Pará

Threats are in response to the Xikrin fighters who reclaimed their land on Saturday

Fabiano Maisonnave Lalo de Almeida

The Federal Prosecutor's Office (MPF) urgently requested that the Federal Police launch an operation against hundreds of invaders of the Trincheira Bacajá Indigenous Land (TI) that are preparing to attack Xikrin villages.

The threats are a response to the reclamation of areas by dozens of Xikrin warriors last Saturday (24). Last month, land grabbers illegally cleared and burned 15 km2 of the Amazon rainforest, according to NGO Imazon.

"The Federal Prosecutor's Office is a severe conflict, given that indigenous people expelled the invaders from their lands after more than a year waiting for police action in the region," writes the prosecutor. Thais Santi, in a letter, sent on Monday (26), in which he requests that the displacement be made within 24 hours.

Folha reached out to the prosecutor's office but did not receive a response. 

Xikrin village, in Pará - Divulgação

The reporter flew over the region this morning. From Altamira, most of IT is a large green carpet, except for a few villages.

In the southern part, however, there are several recent deforestation wounds, some in the form of plots, near the Pleasure creek. There is a road that enters the indigenous land, with deforested areas on both sides.

Xikrins denounced the invasion of their lands in June of last year. The Federal police opened an inquiry, but so far there has been no action to remove the hundreds of land grabbers.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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