Brazil Registers More than 180 Rapes per Day, The Highest since 2009

More than half of the victims are less than 13 years old and 75% know the aggressor

Paulo Gomes
São Paulo

Brazil registered more than 66,000 cases of sexual violence in 2018, corresponding to more than 180 rapes per day. Among the victims, 54% were less than 13 years old.

It is the highest number since 2009 when rape crimes changed classification in the Brazilian Penal Code. The data are part of the 13th Public Safety Yearbook, produced by the Brazilian Public Safety Forum and released on Tuesday (10).

Students protest in front of the University of Fortaleza (UNIFOR) after a rape was reported (Foto: Mauri Melo/O POVO)

The statistics come from the security departments of all federative units. The increase in rape cases, with the largest share being female victims (82%), was accompanied by a growth in other forms of crime against women, such as femicide and domestic assault. Murders fell, however.

Historically, rape crimes have been poorly reported due to fear of retaliation by the perpetrator, fear of trial and embarrassment victims, and lack of trust in the institutions. "It's very common for people not to register rapes around the world," says Samira Bueno, executive director of the Forum.

According to the Forum report, only 7.5% of victims of sexual violence in Brazil notify the police - a percentage ranging from 16% to 32% in the United States.

The data indicate that 76% of the victims know their abuser.

Among femicides, the number of cases in which the killer was the partner or former partner of the victim is 89%.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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