Brazilian Politician Offers US$2,440 to Kill Murder Suspect

State deputy made offer on the floor of the Espírito Santo state parliament

PSL state deputy Captain Assumption, 56, stood on the legislative floor and offered a R$ 10,000 (US$ 2,400) award to anyone willing to kill whoever murdered young Maiara de Oliveira Freitas.

The crime happened in the morning, in  Cariacica, a city in the Vitoria metropolitan region.

The statement was broadcast live on state television during the discussion of the law to create new prison fund in Espírito Santo.

PSL state deputy Captain Assumption, 56 - Reprodução TV Ales

The congressman, who belongs to the party of President Jair Bolsonaro, said that whoever accepted the order had to show the corpse to him to receive payment.

"I want to see who's going after to arrest this bum. [I take] 10 thousand reais here from my pocket for those who send kill this tramp, it does not deserve it is not alive. (...) It is not worth giving where he is located, not have to deliver the dead guy, then I pay," he said.

One day after the statement, Assumption stated that he did not regret his speech and stressed that the offer is still valid. "I fully reinforce what I said. I only offered R$ 10,000 at that time because it was what I had in my account. If I could, I would offer more."

According to article 53 of the Federal Constitution, "the deputies and senators are inviolable, civil and criminally, for any of their opinions, words, and votes." His speech, however, can configure a breach of decorum and lead to the cancellation of the mandate.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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