Ex-Attorney General Who Revealed Supreme Court Murder Plot Could Be Investigated

Although not a crime, an intention to kill a Supreme Court justice may have disciplinary and civil implications for former prosecutor


Members of the National Council of the Public Prosecution Service (CNMP) are considering requesting an investigation into former Attorney General Rodrigo Janot for reporting in interviews his plan to kill Federal Supreme Court (STF) Minister Gilmar Mendes.

A group of council members is privately discussing the matter, which might be managed through a disciplinary complaint before the CNMP Internal Affairs Office.

Ex-Attorney General , Rodrigo Janot (Marcelo Camargo/Agência Brasil)

On Thursday, Janot told Folha and other press outlets that he once entered the Supreme Court armed and with the intention of executing Gilmar and then committing suicide.

Their relationship was marked by legal clashes and accusations, mainly due to the Car Wash prosecution.

The prosecutor describes the episode in a memoir he just released. In the book, "Nothing Less Than Everything" (publisher Planet), written with journalists Jailton de Carvalho and Guilherme Evelin, Janot evaluates his performance leading the Car Wash prosecution and rebuts the criticism he received during his troubled management.

According to one of the advisers, privately heard by Folha, although planning a crime without realizing it does not constitute a crime, Janot's case may have disciplinary and civil implications since he was active and headed the PGR (Attorney General's Office) at the time.

Another issue to investigate is an excerpt from the book that indicates possible Janot malfeasance, according to criminalists. Janot reportedly omitted alleged illegal requests received from him while leading PGR.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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