Supreme Court Justice Mendes Says Court Will Not Consider Moro's Popularity in Upcoming Decision

For justice, the Car Wash task force violated democratic rule of law and should admit its mistakes

Thais Arbex - Folha Tales Faria - UOL

On the eve of Sergio Moro's judgment by the Supreme Court, Justice Gilmar Mendes said the court could not bend to the popularity of the Justice Minister to make its decisions.

"If a court considers this factor, it has to close," the magistrate said in an interview with Folha and UOL.

Gilmar was the first guest on a Folha and UOL talk show that opens on Sunday (15). The program is part of the inauguration of a studio shared by the two newsrooms in Brasilia.

A fierce critic of Lava Jato, the minister said the messages revealed by The Intercept Brazil and other press agencies practiced a "promiscuity game."

Gilmar Mendes. (Foto: Mariana Goulart/Folhapress)

"The collusion between judge, prosecutor, delegate, IRS is spurious. This does not fit our rule of law model."

Without mentioning Moro's or Lava Jato's coordinator in Curitiba, Deltan Dallagnol, Gilmar said that Brazil needs to "end the cycle of fake heroes" and defended that the task force's summit assumes that it made mistakes and "left the scene." "

"Simply to say: we made mistakes, we were in fact bullies, we committed crimes. We wanted to fight crime, but we made gross mistakes, violated the rule of law."

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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