Internal Car Wash Report Shows that Moro Did Not Release Tapped Call in Other Cases

At time, Moro justified the released Lula calls by saying it was standard procedure

An internal report conducted by Operation Car Wash in 2016 questioned why Sergio Moro, then a judge on the Car Wash case, publicized the investigations into former President Lula (PT).

Announcing the decision, which made public dozens of telephone conversations of the petista leader tapped by the Federal Police, Moro said he had only followed the standard set by the Car Wash, ensuring widespread publicity about the processes he conducted and information of interest to society.

Sérgio Moro. (Foto: Pedro Ladeira/Folhapress, PODER) - Folhapress

But research by the Curitiba task force concluded that the procedure adopted in Lula's case was different from that observed in other similar cases, according to messages exchanged by Lava Jato prosecutors.

The Car Wash survey, which looked at documents from eight investigations that also included wiretapping, indicated that only in the former president's case were tapped telephone audios attached to the file and the process was released to the public without any secrecy.

In the other examples found by the task force, all drawn from police actions supervised by Moro na Lava Jato, the lifting of confidentiality was restricted.

Moro and the task force prosecutors told Folha they disagreed with the findings of the 2016 survey. According to them, the rule was to disclose everything that was of public interest and there was no difference in handling Lula's case. 

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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