Judge Reverses Decision and Releases Pará Volunteer Firefighters

Action taken after the Federal prosecutor and Pará governor of Pará stated their opinion on the case


In just over 24 hours, Pará Judge Alexandre Rizzi, has reversed a judicial decision and ordered the release of four volunteer firefighters that police claimed had started fires in the Alter do Chão area.

Pará Civil Police arrested Daniel Gutierrez Govino, João Victor Pereira Romano, Gustavo de Almeida Fernandes, and Marcelo Aron Cwerner were arrested last Tuesday (26) on suspicion of having started forest fires.

The volunteer firefighters - Divulgação

The operation is investigating the origin of the fires that hit an environmental protection area in Alter do Chão in September.

On Wednesday (27), the judge upheld the pre-trial detention of the brigade members for "securing public order against the risk of criminal reiteration."

On the same day, the Pará Federal Public Prosecution Service (MPF) ruled on the case, stating that the federal investigation had found no element of participation of brigade members or civil society organizations in the crimes.

Pará Governor Helder Barbalho (MDB) ordered the replacement of the delegate who led the investigations that led to the arrest of the brigade members. On the video, the governor justifies the change "so that everything is clarified as quickly and transparently as possible."

Hours later, the judge ordered the volunteer firefighters released.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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