Bolsonaro's Social Media Broadcasts Focused on Economy and Security in The First Year

Folha uses statistical model to analyze more than 12 hours of live videos

São Paulo

Falling interest rates, rising meat prices, and the advantages of gun ownership were some of the topics that President Jair Bolsonaro highlighted in his weekly social media broadcasts.

Folha used a statistical model to categorize the main issues in his 12 hours and 30 minutes of broadcasts, which began in March and last about 20 minutes each. The transcribed videos generated over 102,000 words.

O presidente da Caixa, Pedro Guimarães, com Jair Bolsonaro em transmissão ao vivo em rede social nesta quinta-feira (14)
Bolsonaro’s social media broadcast - Reprodução Facebook

Broadcasts addressed issues related to the economy and security about 20 percent of the time.

Then, about 10% of the time each time, there are issues of the Legislative, press, environment, international relations, technological development, and infrastructure.

Regarding the economy, there was a celebration of positive data in the sector, such as economic growth and falling interest rates. Bolsonaro's videos also covered topics such as falling inflation and the recent rise in the price of meat (in last week's broadcast, he said the value should fall).

Among security-related issues, Bolsonaro defended his projects to expand the possibility of possession and possession of weapons and congratulated measures of Justice Minister Sergio Moro.

Broadcasts (the so-called lives) are made on Thursdays early in the evening via Facebook. They are simple. Bolsonaro is always seated at a table, usually with one or more guests and a sign interpreter ("Mrs. Michelle Bolsonaro's order," the president said).

Only one camera transmits, and sometimes the signal drops. You can hear voices from people outside the video talking about technical issues ("the internet crashed," someone said on June 20).

On the first broadcast in March, Bolsonaro said he would make the lives to talk about "the most important issues of the week," answer questions and respond to the demands of his followers.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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