Police Kill Militia Man Linked to Bolsonaro's Son

A former captain of Bope, Adriano da Nóbrega was expelled from the PM for his connection to crime

A police operation in Esplanada (BA) resulted in the death of ex-PM captain Adriano Magalhães da Nóbrega, 43. Adriano reportedly commanded the oldest militia in Rio de Janeiro.

He was connected to Flávio Bolsonaro, son of the President of the Republic.

According to his lawyer, Magalhães had mentioned his fear of being killed in an effort to eliminate him as a witness.

Adriano Magalhães da Nóbrega Foto: Divulgação / Polícia Civil

Senator Flávio honored him twice in the Rio de Janeiro Legislative Assembly. But recently, Adriano was mentioned in the senator's money embezzlement investigation. Two of Adriano's relatives worked in Flavio's state deputy office.

According to the police version, police shot him after he exchanged shots with them. Police professionals from Bahia and Rio conducted the operation.

The militiaman was hiding on the site of PSL councilor Gilsinho da Dedé, of the PSL. The councilman said he was unaware of the fugitive's presence at the scene.

Police say Adriano was carrying a pistol and that three more firearms and 13 cell phones were found in the property.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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