Disapproval of Bolsonaro in Pandemic Management Grows Among the Poorest, Says Datafolha

Rejection among those who earn up to two minimum wages went from 33% to 40% in two weeks


The negative assessment of Jair Bolsonaro's work in the coronavirus crisis has risen among low-income Brazilians, according to the latest Datafolha survey. Approval of the president's performance in this group, however, remained stable.

Among the population that has a family income of up to two minimum wages per month (R $ 2,090), the percentage of respondents who say that Bolsonaro does a bad or terrible job in combating the pandemic increased from 33% to 40% in two weeks.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro talks to supporters as he leaves Alvorada Palace in Brasilia, Brazil on April 6, 2020. - President Jair Bolsonaro's disapproval rating has surged as the far-right leader has taken a vocal stance against coronavirus containment measures, two polls out last Friday found. (Photo by EVARISTO SA / AFP) - AFP

The data are part of the survey carried out by Datafolha from Wednesday (1st) to Friday (3). The institute listened to 1,511 people over the phone, to avoid personal contact, and has a margin of error of three percentage points more or less.

Similar variations occurred in the middle-income brackets. The disapproval of Bolsonaro's performance went from 29% to 36% in the group that receives two to five salaries. In the range of five to ten salaries, the increase was eight points: from 34% to 42%. There was a decrease from 51% to 46% in the slice with income above ten salaries.

His rejections rates are still higher among the wealthier, but the numbers point to a shift in perception at the bottom of the social pyramid. Almost half of the Brazilian population receives less than two minimum wages per month.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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