Federal Court Rejects Request to Federalize Investigation of Marielle Franco Murder

Justices understood that the investigation of the case must remain in Rio de Janeiro


The Superior Court of Justice rejected this Wednesday (27), a request to federalize the investigation of the murder of the ex-councilwoman Marielle Franco and the driver Anderson Gomes.

The court's justices understood that the investigation of the case must remain in Rio de Janeiro.

Attorney General requested a change in the jurisdiction of the case because it felt that partnership between the Rio de Janeiro Civil Police and the Public Ministry would lead to differences. The collegiate magistrates, however, disagreed with the thesis.

Marielle Franco's tribute. Foto: Barbara Dias/AGIF - Barbara Dias/AGIF

Laurita Vaz gave the first vote to keep the case in Rio de Janeiro. The magistrate said that the suspicion of links between police officers from the Rio de Janeiro Homicide Police with militiamen involved in Marielle's death could not be sustained.

The magistrate also praised the work of the investigators of the case. "There is no shadow of negligence or lack of personal and material conditions of the authorities responsible for the investigations. On the contrary, there is a remarkable professional dedication. I reject the request to transfer to federal authorities," she said.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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