Folha Temporarily Suspends Coverage at Alvorada Palace Due to Lack of Security

Bolsonaro supporters harassed journalists this Monday, a practice that has been recurring at the door of the official residence

Folha has temporarily suspended news coverage at the entrance of the Alvorada Palace until the Planalto Palace guarantees the safety of the press.

On Monday (25), supporters of Jair Bolsonaro harassed journalists, a practice that recurs daily at the door of the official residence.

Shortly before these verbal assaults, the president, passing by the reporters, criticized the press. "On the day that you are committed to the truth, I will speak to you again," he said.

Bolsonaro supporters harassed journalists this Monday (Foto: Pedro Ladeira/Folhapress, PODER) - Folhapress

Bolsonaro supporters outside Alvorada Palace regularly swear at journalists who await Bolsonaro's departure daily, but their behavior has become even more aggressive.

A woman walked by the journalists' line, repeating: "Oh the trash, oh the trash, oh the trash." "Slag! Rubbish! Rats! Rats! Bolsonaro until 2050! Rotten press! Communists," shouted the woman, while others repeatedly shouted, "junk media."

Folha questioned the Special Secretariat for Social Communication (Secom) and the Institutional Security Office (GSI), responsible for Alvorada's security, about Monday's episode. There was no response until the conclusion of this report.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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