Prosecutors See Evidence of Bolsonaro's Crime, but Still Seek to Identify his Interest in Federal Police

Preliminary assessment is based on evidence in the scope of the investigation opened by the Supreme Federal Court


The team of Attorney General Augusto Aras sees evidence that President Jair Bolsonaro (without a party) committed one or more of the following crimes by allegedly interfering with the Federal Police: malfeasance, administrative advocacy or an affront to a provision of the law abuse of authority.

The preliminary assessment is based on recent evidence that came to light after former Minister of Justice Sergio Moro denounced Bolsonaro. Moro said Bolsonaro's objective was to protect relatives and political allies in police investigations. .

Last Friday (22), the Supreme Federal Court authorized the release of the video of the ministerial meeting in which Bolsonaro pushed for changes in the PF.

The President Jair Bolsonaro and the Attorney General Augusto Aras Foto: Marcos Corrêa/PR

The team analyzed the video and other evidence, such as messages exchanged on cell phones. There is evidence that the president decided to secure personal advantages for him and his friends. As the investigation progresses further, it will be able to define the applicable penal type.

One of the investigation's challenges is identifying the people from which Bolsonaro sought to benefit. This will depend on steps still pending, such as testimony from witnesses.

The attorney general appointed three public prosecutors to assist him in the case. Only Aras will decide whether to accuse the president and which law will be applied. This will only occur later after the PF has completed the investigation and submitted a final report to the PGR (Attorney General's Office).

By law, if the president is denounced for a common crime, the process can only proceed with authorization from the Chamber. If at least two-thirds of the deputies give their approval and the STF accepts the complaint, the representative is removed from office for 180 days, until a solution about the conviction or not of the investigated.

Bolsonaro denies attempted undue interference in the PF. He keeps that, when talking about exchanges in Rio, he referred to the team responsible for his personal safety and that of his family in that state.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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