Secom Uses Expression Similar to Nazi Slogan to Promote Pandemic Work

Secom is responsible for the Presidency of the Republic communications

Secom published a video to publicize federal actions in the fight against the pandemic. But at a certain point, the video used an expression that refers to the famous Nazi inscription at the entrance to the Auschwitz concentration camp in (Poland): "Arbeit macht frei" ("Work liberates"). Secom is responsible the President’s communications.

The Secom video, which was shared by President Jair Bolsonaro (without a party), states at one point: "Work, unity and truth will set us free [sic]".

In the text in which the video is presented, Secom's profile on Twitter makes a slight variation, without the error of agreement: "Part of the press insists on turning its back on facts, on Brazil, and on Brazilians. But @govbr, by determination of his boss, will continue working to SAVE LIVES and preserve the employment and dignity of Brazilians. Work, union and the truth will liberate Brazil. "

Fábio Wajngarten. FOTO: EDU ANDRADE/Fatopress

Information on the similarity between Secom's phrase and the Nazi motto was published by UOL.

Secretary Fabio Wajngarten reacted to the case on a social network. "It is impressive: every measure of the government is transformed to fit narratives. In the campaign, they used to make swastikas; now they use functional illiteracy to misinterpret a text and associate the government with Nazism, and I, the head of Secom, I am Jewish!"

"I loathe this kind of scoundrel conclusion, especially in the difficult times we are going through. They forget the Jewish teachings received by me and a good part of my team, and the tradition of work of the Jewish people to fight for their economic freedom."

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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