Video of Profanity-Laced Cabinet Meeting Shows Insults, Threats and Bolsonaro's Intention to Interfere with Federal Police

An April 22 meeting between President Jair Bolsonaro and members of his cabinet featured 37 curse words, insults directed at governors, threats to public policies, and negative statements about the Supreme Court. It also confirmed that Bolsonaro wanted to interfere with the Federal Police. The meeting eventually resulted in the departure of former Justice Minister Sergio Moro.

Supreme Court Justice Celso de Mello, who is leading an investigation into a complaint from the former Minister of Justice against Bolsonaro, released a video of the meeting yesterday.

In the video, Bolsonaro worries about being removed, revealing that he has a "private" information system and says that he wants to interfere with police positions in Rio to protect his friends and family. He also repeatedly uses the word "crap."

He also demands strict loyalty from ministries, citing the risk of impeachment several times. He threatens institutional damage concerning possible Supreme Court decisions. He also defends the right for the population to arm itself and react against local authorities' decisions that he considers dictatorial.

His ministers also shared Bolsonaro's harsh, offensive tone. Abraham Weintraub (Education) calls the Supreme Court Justices "bums", and Damares (Human Rights) calls for the arrest of governors and mayors who take actions that she sees as arbitrary in the pandemic. Paulo Guedes (Economy) requests to sell Banco do Brasil.

Augusto Aras, the attorney general, will analyze the content of the meeting.