Brazil's Attorney General Investigates the Use of Public Funds in Protests against Congress and Supreme

Suspicion is that websites obtained more than US$ 19 thousand with the disclosure of acts in favor of Bolsonaro


Brazil's Attorney General's Office has progressed in its investigation into the participation of Bolsonaro supporters in anti-democratic acts.

The Attorney's Office (PGR) is investigating whether parliamentarians used public funds to sponsor the production of offensive content and also to support demonstrations against the Supreme Court and Congress.

Justice Alexandre de Morae. Credito Reproduçao STF

On another front, the PGR suspects that Bolsonaro supporters are responsible for channels on social networks that have profited more than R$100 thousand (US$ 19.300) with the disclosure of anti-democratic acts.

In the decision that led to the arrest of some Bolsonaro supporters, Justice Alexandre de Moraes said that evidence confirms the "real possibility of the existence of a criminal association" in the mobilization of the protests for the closing of the Congress and the Supreme. The justice removed on Monday (22) the confidentiality of his order.

There is evidence gathered by the PGR that the investigated disseminated "appealing messages" on social networks in search of money. With that, they may have profited more than R$100 thousand.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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