Moro Compares Bolsonaro to Workers Party and Acknowledges Demonstrations against The President

Former minister compares PT resistance to assuming mistakes with negative government pandemic speech

Former minister of justice Sergio Moro publicly recognized the emerging pro-democracy movements and compared President Jair Bolsonaro's administration to the Worker's Party.

For Moro, ex-President Lula's party fails to recognize mistakes made during his period in the federal government with Petrobras. He compared this to Bolsonaro's denialist speech about a coronavirus pandemic. "This is a mistake."

Former Brazil's Justice Minister Sergio Moro arrives at a hotel after a meeting in the Federal Police headquarters, in Brasilia, Brazil May 12, 2020. REUTERS/Adriano Machado - REUTERS

In an interview with Folha, Moro says that the possibility of joining these movements for the defense of democracy and against the government is "open."

He declares that there is no embarrassment in integrating manifestos that may have members involved in his work as a judge of lava Jato, despite the resistance of some sectors in his name.

"In a democracy, we have a lot more points in common than disagreements. As personal issues, they must be set aside. I was not anyone's business."

On April 23, Folha revealed that Moro requested to resign after being warned by Bolsonaro of the Federal Police's change in command.

He left the government accusing the president of trying to interfere with the PF.

The former Minister of Justice also spoke of "authoritarian" on the part of Bolsonaro but did not think the Armed Forces will see in the Armed Forces space for a coup.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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