Bolsonaro's Federal Deputy Cabinet Experienced Significant Turnover in Salaries

Documents show successive changes in positions of advisers, a practice later banned in the Chamber


Folha analyzed documents related to Jair Bolsonaro's 28 years as a federal deputy and found significant and unusual salary turnover of his advisers that affected one-third of the more than one hundred who passed through his office.

From 1991 to 2018, Bolsonaro's office often dismissed auxiliaries who were rehired on the same day, a practice now banned by the Chamber on the grounds of being harmful to public coffers.

Handout picture released by Brazil's Presidency showing Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro smiling during the first Mercosur Summit held via video conference due to the COVID-19 novel coronavirus pandemic, from Brasilia, on July 2, 2020. - The leaders of the South American trade bloc Southern Common Market, the presidents of Argentina, Alberto Fernandez; from Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro; from Paraguay, Mario Abdo; and from Uruguay, Luis Lacalle, intend to put aside their political differences and focus on strengthening new markets for their exports, mainly agricultural. (Photo by Marcos CORREA / various sources / AFP) - AFP

From one day to the next, employees would even have their wages quadrupled and, later, halved.

Nine former advisers to Flávio Bolsonaro also worked in the father's office, and six of them had significant salary movement.

Among them, Nathália Queiroz, daughter of Fabrício Queiroz, the main person of the ALERJ scandal and currently in prison.

Seven questions were asked of the government's Communication Secretary, but there was no answer.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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