Businessman Arrested in Political Slush Fund Scheme

Police investigate irregularities in electoral dispute of José Serra in 2014

The businessman José Seripieri Filho, Júnior, founder of Qualicorp, was arrested this morning (21), in an operation that is investigating irregularities related to the election campaign of José Serra in 2014, when he was elected senator by São Paulo.

The arrest is temporary. Saripieri was also the target of a search and seizure operation at his home.

Jose Seripieri. Foto: Silvia Costanti / Valor - 1648

The Federal police served three other temporary arrest warrants and 15 search and seizure warrants related to unrecorded donations that would total R$ 5 million. The Electoral Justice authorized the operation.

Senator José Serra (PSDB), 78, is suspected of leading a slush fund scheme that benefited his campaign in 2014.

This month, Serra and his daughter, Veronica Serra, were the target of a criminal operation. Police are investigating them for maintaining accounts abroad that were funded by Odebrecht.

Both were indicted by the Operation Car Wash's task force for money laundering of Rodoanel Sul works abroad.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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