Grandmother of Brazil's First Lady, Michelle Bolsonaro, Dies for Covid in the Federal District

Maria Aparecida Firmo Ferreira had been diagnosed with the disease in early July


The grandmother of First Lady Michelle Bolsonaro, Maria Aparecida Firmo Ferreira, 80, died at dawn on Wednesday (12). She died due from Covid-19 complications. The Federal District Health Department confirmed her death.

Maria Aparecida Firmo Ferreira was admitted to the infirmary of the Ceilândia Regional Hospital, in the Federal District. She did not resist a cardiopulmonary arrest.

Maria Aparecida Firmo, 78, avó da primeira dama Michelle Bolsonaro
Maria Aparecida Firmo.Foto:Daniel Carvalho/Folhapress - Daniel Carvalho/Folhapress

Folha sought the Planalto Palace to determine whether President Jair Bolsonaro or Michelle Bolsonaro would comment but did not receive a response until the publication of this report.

Michelle Bolsonaro's grandmother had been diagnosed with Covid-19 in early July, after suffering from shortness of breath. According to reports, on July 1, she fell ill on the street in the Sol Nascente favela, in Ceilândia, where she lives, and was taken by residents to the regional hospital.

Maria Aparecida had little contact with the Bolsonaro family. In the second half of last year, she had already had an accident. She spent two days on a makeshift stretcher in the Ceilândia Regional Hospital corridors before being transferred.

At the time, the first lady's grandmother told Folha that she had not been in contact with Michelle in five years.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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