Racial Quota Fraud Led to 163 Federal University Expulsions

Data from 26 of the 69 institutions show at least 729 cases initiated since 2017

São Paulo

At least 163 students have been expelled from federal universities since 2017 for racial quota fraud, according to a survey by Folha. The 26 universities that shared information with Folha received 1,188 complaints, culminating in 729 administrative cases in the period.

Each complaint and administrative process can deal with one or more students depending on the university. This is because each institution catalogs cases in its own way.

Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro, for example, received 30 complaints. However, it only instituted two collective administrative proceedings, dividing students suspected of defrauding the system between those who are still students and those who have already graduated. UFRRJ has not expelled any student so far.

UFRRJ (Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro). (Divulgação) - Divulgação

The Federal University of Mato Grosso do Sul leads in the number of expulsions with 33. The expulsions are the result of 44 complaints, which have become 44 individual administrative cases.

The number of accusations and expulsions for fraud in racial quotas in the federal agencies may be even greater since the data refer to information from only 26 of the 69 federal universities consulted by Folha. The others did not send the requested data before the conclusion of this report.

On July 13, the University of Brasilia revoked two students' diplomas and expelled another 15 on suspicion of fraud in racial quotas. The revocation of diplomas by the institution is a pioneer in Brazil. According to Irapuã Santana, a lawyer with the NGO Educafro, it may show a change in the jurisprudence on the accountability of fraudsters.

"I think it was a significant precedent and that it is heading towards the right position to cancel credits taken in error. This, together with the hetero-identification commissions, can lead to effective accountability and inhibit people from trying their luck through fraud", he said.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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