São Paulo Governor's Early Vaccination Divides Governors

Some governors feel that João Doria treated their states as if they were second-rate

João Doria's decision (PSDB-SP) to apply the first vaccine this Sunday (17th) has sparked some unease among governors. In a WhatsApp group of governors, Wellington Dias (PT-PI) said the attitude was unfortunate. "The understanding was always all of Brazil on the same date. One state cast the others as second-rate," he wrote.

Brazil approves two Covid vaccines, Sao Paulo nurse gets first jab (Foto: Danilo M Yoshioka/Futura Press/Folhapress)

The dissatisfaction reached Eduardo Pazuello (Saúde), who, feeling confident, invited the governors to a symbolic act this Monday (18).

By the end of the night, Doria had not responded in the group. Behind the scenes, governors were split. Some say it was a predictable attitude by the São Paulo chief, to politically exploit his bet on science and the vaccine against the negationism of Jair Bolsonaro and his minister. Others endorsed the criticism.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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