Judge Authorizes Bolsonaro Government to Keep Celebration of the 1964 Coup as a 'Landmark of Democracy' on Website

Decision was rendered by the TRF-5; rapporteur allows text published on the Ministry of Defense website in 2020 to remain and says it does not offend the Constitution


The TRF-5 (5th Regional Federal Court) accepted the Union's appeal and, as such, has allowed the government to maintain a note on its website that celebrates the military coup of 1964 as a "landmark of Brazilian democracy." The text had been published on March 31, 2020 on the website of the Ministry of Defense.

The decision, handed down in this Wednesday (17) by the 3rd Panel of the TRF-5, overturned an injunction by federal judge Moniky Mayara Costa, who had accepted a popular lawsuit filed by federal deputy Natália Bonavides (PT-RN).

Rio de Janeiro, the military coup of 1964 PH FOT 05609.018. (Foto: Arquivo Nacional/Correio da Manhã) - Arquivo Nacional/Correio da Manh

Federal judge Rogério Fialho Moreira, rapporteur for the process, said that the publication does not offend the postulates of the democratic rule of law or the constitutional values of the separation of powers or freedom.

The injunction, overturned this Wednesday, also prevented the publication of any commemorative announcement related to the 1964 coup on radio, television, internet or any other means of communication.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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