Bolsonaro Bets on Seniority and Appoints New Military Commanders

Consensus solution to try to alleviate crisis has 2 similar names and 1 criticized for Bolsonarism

São Paulo

In order to avoid escalating the worst military crisis since 1977, President Jair Bolsonaro chose general officers with complementary profiles to command the Armed Forces, respecting seniority criteria dear to the military.

Still suffering from the aftershocks of the earthquake that brought down the Brazilian military summit in two days, Bolsonaro made wise decisions.

He nominated one criticized by Planalto to lead the Army, General Paulo Sérgio Nogueira de Oliveira. For the Navy, he nominated Admiral Almir Garnier, close to the previous Defense administration but seen as a moderate Bolsonarist. In the Air Force, Brigadier Carlos Almeida Baptista Jr., was nominated.

BRASILIA, DF, BRASIL, 31-03-2021, 12h00: For the Army, General Paulo Sérgio Nogueira de Oliveira. For the Navy, Admiral Almir Garnier. Fot the Air Force, Carlos Almeida Baptista Jr (Foto: Pedro Ladeira/Folhapress, PODER) - Folhapress

The movement, coordinated by the new defense minister, General Walter Braga Netto, was to seek to appease tensions after the government's traumatic intervention in the military.

Bolsonaro summarily dismissed Defense General General Fernando Azevedo because he did not see support for interventionist and even coup-like ideas that he would like among active duty uniforms - in the government, there are plenty of ministers from the Forces.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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