Federal Police Ask Supreme Court to Investigate Minister of the Environment for Disrupting Environmental Inspection

Amazonas police chief claims that Ricardo Salles sponsors private interests of criminal organization

The Chief of the Federal Police of Amazonas, Alexandre Saraiva, sent a criminal filing to the Supreme Federal Court asking for an investigation into the conduct of Minister Ricardo Salles (Environment) and Senator Telmário Mota (Pros-RR) for hindering inspection measures.

BRASILIA, DF, BRASIL: Minister Ricardo Salles. (Foto: Pedro Ladeira/Folhapress, PODER) - Folhapress

The delegate referred to the largest seizure of wood in the history of Brazil. In the document, the police official says that Salles hampered environmental inspection and sponsors private interests.

Saraiva cites evidence of two crimes: administrative advocacy and preventing or hindering investigation of criminal offenses involving a criminal organization.

The Federal Police and Salles have been battling since the day the minister decided to visit the place where the wood was seized, in Pará. At the site, he did some type of verification of the operation and returned a week later, when he participated in a meeting with the owners of the material.

Saraiva told Folha that this is the first time that the minister of the Environment has actively undermined an operation that seeks to preserve the Amazon rainforest.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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