Supreme Court Approves Investigation into Government's Handling of Covid

In a defeat for Bolsonaro, justices agreed that Constitutional requirements are met


The Supreme Court decided on Wednesday to approve Justice Luís Roberto Barroso's decision to send the Senate to install the Covid CPI.

By 10 votes to 1, the justices confirmed the right to open a commission to investigate actions and possible omissions by the Jair Bolsonaro government in the conduct of the health crisis resulting from the coronavirus pandemic. So far members of Congress have obtained support from one-third of the legislators.

BRASILIA , DF , BRASIL ,The Supreme Court. Foto: Dorivan Marinho / STF

The decision represents a defeat for the president, who worked to prevent the approval of the commission that will conduct the investigation, and increased pressure on the Senate.

The scoreboard also shows Supreme Court unity amid the crisis between the Powers and Bolsonaro's attacks on Barroso after the justice's monocratic decision. Even Justice Kassio Nunes Marques, appointed by the current president and treated as an ally by bolsonaristas, endorsed the majority ruling.

Only Justice Marco Aurélio disagreed.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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