A Day after Promising Vaccine on TV, Bolsonaro Insists on Ineffective Medicine and Attacks the Senate Covid Investigation

'A person who is against immediate treatment and does not give an alternative is at least a scoundrel,' said the president

A day after a statement in which he promised to vaccinate Brazilians who want to be immunized, President Jair Bolsonaro returned to exalting treatments without proven efficacy and attacking members of the CPI of Covid, in the Senate.

In his weekly social media live on Thursday (3), alongside minister Milton Ribeiro (Education), Bolsonaro stated that the Parliamentary Inquiry Commission had "a unique chance to discuss this issue of immediate treatment, how is the world facing the Covid issue."

Presidente olha para o relógio em frente a estante com livros
President Jair Bolsonaro with minister Milton Ribeiro - Reprodução

"We could say that there is a country in the world where nobody died. What the CPI could say about Argentina's lockdown, is that it is the country that most closed everything in the world. And it is one of the countries that has the highest deaths per million inhabitants", he said. "Talk about what, as a result of this, is happening with Argentina. Argentina is taking action there to make Hugo Chávez envious."

In his speech on TV, Bolsonaro promised that all Brazilians who want to be vaccinated this year. Talking about him was accompanied by strong pancakes in all regions of the country.

On Thursday's social media live, the president said that the CPI is missing "a huge chance to be useful."

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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