Poorer Students Have Less Access to Return to School, Says Datafolha

Proportion of higher-income students who were able to return to school in the pandemic is twice as high


The movement to return to public schools in the country amid the Covid pandemic, even if partially, reveals a strong picture of inequality.

The proportion of poor students who were able to return to school (16%) is less than half that recorded among students with higher income (38%). The data are from Datafolha research.

The proportion of Blacks and women among families with high vulnerability is greater, with less access to return, thus revealing the profile of the most affected.

The abyss is also regional. While 40% of students in the Southeast and South had access to reopened schools, even if partially so, the North region has an index of 6%; in the Northeast, it is 11%. Urban schools had a better rate than rural ones.​

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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