Suspected Malfeasance Will Quicken The Impeachment Order against Bolsonaro

Opposition anticipates protests, and lawmakers talk about locking votes after citation of government leader in the Parliamentary Inquiry Committee

Congressional leader Luis Miranda (DEM-DF) told Covid's Parliamentary Inquiry Committee about the actions of President Jair Bolsonaro when he was alerted of alleged irregularities in the purchase of the Covaxin vaccine, which gave a new impetus to the super request for impeachment articulated by parties of preference and disaffection with Bolsonaro.

According to reports, Miranda said he would ask for an investigation by the Federal Police. But the police found no record of any open investigation.

For opponents of Bolsonaro, this position would frame the president in an alleged crime of malfeasance. That is, he would have to perform some act to satisfy personal interest or feeling.

The legal area that elaborates the super request for impeachment, to be presented to Congress on Wednesday (30), found a provision in the law on crimes of responsibility that supports the strategy of trying to remove Bolsonaro from the presidency.

At the pandemic hearings on Friday night (25), Miranda also reported that Bolsonaro linked the government leader, Deputy Ricardo Barros (PP-PR), to the alleged irregularities in the first for the purchase of the Indian vaccine.

The Parliamentary Inquiry Committee rapporteur in the Senate, Renan Calheiros (MDB-AL), stated this Saturday (26) that the collegiate started with the virus, in allusion to the new coronavirus, and reached "the cancer of corruption."

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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